St. Louis Ashtanga Yoga Community at Casa Bagus (SLAY)

What is Ashtanga Mysore style self practice?

Mysore style is how Ashtanga yoga was introduced and taught in Mysore, India by Guruji (the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois) and now by his grandson, Sharath Jois. 

The Mysore style of Ashtanga yoga is an individualized way of learning and practicing the Ashtanga sequence of asanas.

Each student works at his/her own individual pace within the group.  One-to-one assistance, adjustment in the postures, and instruction are given within the group context. In this style, the class is not “led” by an individual teacher.

With guidance, practitioners learn the sequence of asanas one at a time in combination with breath, bandha, and drishti.

In the Mysore room, each practitioner practices their portion of the sequence at their own pace. This means that the length of each person’s practice can vary greatly.

Surya Namaskara are the initial asanas taught, along with closing postures. Students then learn foundational postures one at a time, followed by Primary Series postures and closing postures.

Ashtanga is intended to be practiced 6 days per week, with observance of some traditional days of rest.

Who is Ashtanga Mysore style suitable for?

Anyone can attend Mysore. As this is not a led class, familiarity with the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga is not a prerequisite. If you are new to Mysore, you are very welcome to come and our teachers will assist you in starting self practice.

When do classes take place?

The St. Louis Ashtanga Yoga Community comes together to practice as a community three times per week.

Friday mornings ‪from 5:30 am-7:30 am and Saturdays ‪from 8:30am -10:00am.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays the space is open for Mysore self-practice alongside fellow practitioners. There is no facilitation or adjustments during these sessions.

On Saturdays, a more traditional Mysore setting is offered, facilitated by Ashley Baureis and/or Kate Steer. If you are new to the practice, you are welcome to observe a Saturday class free of charge, and we encourage you to read about the practice to familiarize yourself with the tradition.

Ashtanga Mysore style teaching Assistants

  • Kate steer

Kate has been practicing yoga intermittently since college. Her interest increased as a working professional as she observed the balance that yoga provided. 

She was introduced to Ashtanga in 2014 by Kelly Hogan and felt that she had found her home in this practice. She has attended weekend workshops with a number of Certified/Authorized teachers and had completed multiple intensives with Certified teacher Govinda Kai. 

Since dedicating herself to Ashtanga, she has observed innumerable positive life changes, and she looks forward to sharing the practice with others.


  • Ashley Baureis

 Ashley started her yoga journey 5 years ago and was fortunate enough to find Ashtanga Yoga shortly thereafter. The practice of Ashtanga yoga spoke to her and she quickly committed to a daily Mysore practice. 

She has been lucky enough to study intensively with Certified teachers Jorgen Christiansson and Govinda Kai. 

Ashley has also completed level 1 Yoga Therapy Certification with Ginger Gardner. She believes yoga is more than what you do on the mat and that it is a deeply personal journey.