Meditative Counseling

Taking you from limitation to liberation, from fear to freedom.

We all have an innate desire to be fully ourselves, to live and to love from a place of authenticity; a place of truth, a place that feels safe and secure which connects us with our true spiritual nature, our highest Self.

Yet our desperate need for significance, certainty, validation and gratification keeps us from unveiling our highest self and prevents us to tap into our own creative and emotional resources to experience the full power of our innermost Being.

We tend to live our lives based on a complex set of habitual behaviors, fixed ideas and thought patterns, emotional reactions and self-limiting beliefs. These conditioned mind programs sabotage and block our quest for self-expression, self-love and self-realization.

The moment you realize the truth of who you are, you can attract that what you are! 

Life equals change.

As much as want try to control our personal experiences and our emotions and thus creating the illusion of stability and certainty, life itself is uncertain. Life, very much like nature, is about rhythm, cycles, harmony. Trust (your) nature! 

The more we understand and consciously align ourselves with the natural cycles of change and become part of life’s flow, the more we can thrive in the midst of uncertainty.

The intention of these conversations is to expand your field of awareness beyond the personal limitation of the self-serving ego mind, allowing you to discover new insights, to create new possibilities, to create more clarity and to give a voice to the fearless questions of the heart.

We often silence our inner voice, or even dismiss it, and make decisions from a conditioned and fearful mindset. But what might happen if we awaken and trust the wisdom of our intuitive senses? What stops us from listening?

What if you could re-create yourself, not in accordance with the standards of others, or beliefs and rules from your past, but in accordance with your hearts’ desires and aspirations, fully resonant with the essence of who you are?

To fully engage in these conversations requires a strong desire for introspection; it requires a genuine yearning for deeper meaning and fulfillment; it requires a sincere longing to experience greater happiness and joy.

As a result you will develop a higher level of self-awareness, focus, presence, acceptance, gratitude and compassion needed to cultivate self-love.  When you experience the satisfaction of being more authentic and centered, you’ll be able to express yourself more fully and co-create a life you love.  

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Dieter Pauwels

I’ve been coaching people professionally for the past 15 years. (
During many of those more traditional coaching conversations the main focus is on know-how, behavioral skills, time management and strategies to achieve and realize specific goals. We then define success by achieving a specific and measurable outcome.

Due to my own continued personal development and transformation, my focus is now more on the identity level of  change.

Our sense of identity or the perception we have of who we are contains a vast collection of beliefs and values about ourselves, others and the world, and is a powerful key to unlocking personal change.

Who am I? Is my current life the one I intended to live? What really matters to me?

Personal transformation and awakening happens the moment we discover, remember and realize the truth of who we are.