Yoga for Athletes

Whether you are a runner, biker, swimmer, triathlete or just like to workout in the gym, you can complement your training and reward yourself for all that you do to compete and stay healthy and fit. Each practice will include a vigorous warm-up series followed by a  slower, deliberate easing into the musculature and joints so commonly abused and  overused by today’s athlete.

Kelli McFarland

I fell in love with yoga during my very first class in 1998.  My practice carried me through college and graduate school and continues to provide balance and serenity in my professional life.

I manage a lab in Biomedical Engineering and teach group fitness classes and provide personal training part-time.  My yoga mat has been my most constant companion through all of life’s twists and turns.  I’ve always been a very active person.  I enjoy all things physical; from running to lifting weights to kickboxing.  I even played roller derby for the Arch Rival Roller Girls before a hip injury prevented that level of contact.

It is from these highly competitive endeavors, that I have found that those that don’t think yoga is for them, are precisely who would benefit the most from incorporating it into their lives.  Yoga provides nourishment for the mind as well as the body.  It slows us down from the ever-increasing hustle and increases our self-awareness.  It allows us to be grateful for each moment instead of hurling ourselves at our next goal.  It gives the gift of the present instead of some vague promise of the future.  

I wandered into Pam Schulte’s yoga class in 2005 and knew in my gut that I was “home.”  I felt an instant connection to her and her teaching style.  Her class emphasized safety and listening to your body instead of trying to achieve some contortion that may be out of your body’s range.  I deepened my practice in 2012 by completing her 200 hour Teacher Training.  I have taught weekly classes and private practices since that time.  I like to fuse different yoga disciplines into my classes.  Typically, my classes are vinyasa flow with some yin yoga or restorative poses added in.  I try to get a “feel” for what my students bring to class and adjust for their level of energy and experience. 

The majority of my students had never done yoga before beginning their journey with me.  Like me, they are typically very active people that believe they don’t need to slow down.  At first, my classes appeal to them because they are drawn to the flowing nature of vinyasa and all of the strengthening poses that I offer.  However, I have seen all of them come to appreciate the slower, quieter poses, that allow them to find their breath and ease their physical and mental tension.  

Whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner, I would be grateful to have the opportunity to offer my guidance in your practice.


  • Yoga for Athletes
    Mondays 8:00 pm - 9:15 pm

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