Bio Energy Meditation (Shaking Yoga)

Shaking is one of the world's most ancient healing traditions. Many indigenous cultures have used shaking for healing and spiritual connection. We too can gain tremendous benefit from this ancient healing practice to transform our lives.  Shaking is an active form of meditation using movement and focus to build energy, that then begins to shake us. This experience creates internal heat causing sweating, emotional release, spontaneous movement and laughing.

Shaking is healing. Through this energy practice all energy channels are activated illuminated within the body, which generates an inner fire that clears physical, energetic, emotional or mental blocks. By connecting in this way to the Divine Life Force within us, we awaken our dormant energy and strong healing processes may occur. By trusting and surrendering to this energy practice, many people have reported clearing life-threatening illnesses and many continue to shed blockages and attachments and bring abundant health, joy and an ever deepening connection to their true Divine Self and life purpose.

We are created by energy and once we make the connection to this energy source, we can transform our lives and heal ourselves. With the Ratu Bagus Bio Energy Shaking Meditation practice we can connect to the energy in such a profound and powerful way that the spark that created us reignites and our Kundalini energy wakes us.

Our vibration increases and over time we feel lighter and stronger, until we become one with our true self, which is happy, healthy, loving and peaceful. People from all over the world enter this practice with a desire to heal and liberate themselves and discover happiness within.

Your Bio-Energy Shaking experience at Casa Bagus will be supported and introduced by Dieter Pauwels, a Bio Energy Shaking practitioner who trained under the guidance of Spiritual Energy Master Ratu Bagus in Bali. Dieter is also one of the country coordinators for Ratu Bagus in the USA.

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What can we learn or experience?

  • Connecting with our soul, who is our last teacher, guide and friend for life.

  • Freeing ourselves from anything that is burdening or blocking us or holding us back from being truly ourselves and feeling vibrantly alive.

  • Clearing personal, genetic or ancestral issues and karma in the form of physical, emotional or mental blocks or illnesses and thus becoming lighter and freer.

  • Healing any kind of sickness with a strong shaking practice and by changing our mindset to positive thinking.

  • Gaining self-knowledge as well as a guidance for living a life based on happiness and truth.

  • Overcoming negativity and becoming positive, active and creative.

  • Surrendering an opening up to a larger intelligence, rather than leaving a 'small life' from the mind and he ego, so shifting from the small self do the True Self.

  • Waking up and realizing our greatest potential and believing in ourselves.

  • Moving and shaking from our Soul to gain through true health and happiness.

  • Practicing spirituality rather than just a reading or talking about it.

  • Learning to truly love ourselves.

Shaking Meditation at Casa Bagus

  • Thursday: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
    • New shakers arrive 15 min early

  • Sunday: 4:30 pm  - 6:00 pm
    • New shakers arrive  15 min early

$10  (cash or check at the door)

Needed: comfortable clothing, sports bras for women, open mind, open heart!
Please note: If you're new to the practice, please arrive 15 minutes early for a short introduction.

Call Dieter at 314-452-3064 for more info.

Change your life with
  Bio Energy Meditation

Everyone who seriously practices this meditation on a continuous basis will experience positive changes in their everyday existence. Sickness turns to health, problems find solutions and life becomes more beautiful. In Ratu Bagus' words, the IMPOSSIBLE becomes POSSIBLE.

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The Sauna Within

Shaking is about building and strengthening our energy, our inner fire.  A sign that this is happening, is when our body starts to heat up and we start sweating. In the beginning, building the inner fire will require that you shake vigorously. Once your focus becomes strong and one pointed enough, you will connect to a greater energy and feel like you're being shaken, rather than doing it yourself.

True shaking means connecting to the Energy, becoming electric and moving spontaneously. We let the Soul move our body. The key elements to get 'electric' is to focus, to be completely present in the here and now, and to feel with your whole being.

Generally we keep our awareness in our hearts and organs, not  in our heads. We place all problems under our feet and don't let them occupy our heads. We make ourselves empty and become light ends recharged. Whenever thoughts or doubts surface, we put them under our feet again, keeping the head clear and focused on the energy.

Ratu Bagus

Ratu Bagus is a spiritual teacher and celebrated master in Bio-Energy Meditation. His mission is not bound by religious or cultural dogma. His teachings are here to help us wake up and connect to our true self. He embodies what he teaches and shows us the way to true freedom. Having been born with a strong connection  to the Divine, Ratu can support, guide, protect and inspire us on our journey, but we have to do the work ourselves by shaking away our energy blocks.

Our soul is the the source of health and happiness as well as our ultimate teacher. Thanks to his tireless motivation, teaching, patience, and by radiating light, unconditional love and happiness, he raises the spirit and energy of all who meet him. For most people this is a life changing experience.

Ratu has been training people how to grow spiritually and heal themselves since 1987 in his Ashram in Bali. He now attracts students from all over the world to his teachings and to the shaking practice. 

Sharings from the Ashram

Ratu Bagus Ashram September 2013.
It all started one morning when I had a routine health check. As a doctor, I did my own check-up and I found more lymphocytes and fewer leucocytes in my blood.  My diagnosis lead me to realise that I was suffering from lymphatic leukaemia. A specialist haematologist confirmed my diagnosis and told me that it was an aggressive form of the disease. I had always thought that I was immortal. This diagnosis sent me into a terrible depression. I was thinking about little else but dying. I could no longer sleep. My relationships with my family and friends deteriorated. I lost a lot of money in bad investments.

The illness was taking its course. I consulted a psychiatrist but there was no improvement in my condition, either physically or emotionally. Four years later I happened to meet Ratu Bagus, who talked about energy, about the soul, and about chakras. These subjects are not taught at Western universities. I was surprised that the bio-energy yoga, which Ratu Bagus was teaching, had nothing to do with religion, philosophy or conventional workshop of the divine.

Initially I thought it was just physical training. At first it was very difficult to practice because I was very weak. I had no strength and could only manage ten minutes at a time. I hoped that this practice would help me, but I had many doubts. However, I felt a connection with Ratu and sensed that he could help me.

I continued to practice several times every day, attended his retreats in Italy and also traveled to Bali to be near him. Over time I became stronger; without knowing why I became more relaxed, my character changed, my relationships with family and friends improved and I started to enjoy life again. I can now shake for three full sessions, six hours in all every day, when I am in Bali or at a retreat, without getting tired. I feel so well that I have completely forgotten about being ill. My blood counts are now stable. There is no deterioration in my condition. Before I started to train, my tests were getting worse every year.

I now feel well in my body and quiet in my mind. My negative spirits have left me. This yoga training has become a spiritual practice for me - a connection to the universe. I feel very lucky that I had this disease, because without it I would not have met Ratu. i am very grateful to Ratu because he changed my life. I found happiness and serenity.

Prof. Dr. Giancarlo Scipioni, specialist in general surgery and teacher of cardiovascular surgery at the University of Rome, Italy.

Ratu Bagus Ashram September 2011

There is no connection without practice and introspection.

It's been more than 3 weeks since I walked through this gate at the Ratu Bagus Ashram, located at the bottom of the sacred Mount Agung in Bali. I've met many people here from all over the world, different cultures, different languages and different religions. Yet we're all connected, we are all One. Separateness or duality are only constructs of our ego mind. They blind us from the truth. I spent time with people who were once diagnosed with HIV/Aids, hepatitis, various types of cancer and other illnesses.

Today these people are fully awake, alive, vibrant, healthy and grateful. I tried to wrap my mind around their stories, trying to find a logical answer, yet it didn't make any sense. Until I realised I had to un-wrap my ego mind and start feeling the connection with the life energy we can all connect with. It was very difficult and remains a daily challenge, but Ratu Bagus can show you the way. The practice and process here at the ashram takes commitment, trust, hard work and courage. No instant gratification. No magic pill only 'sacred medicine' There is no connection without practice and introspection.

I thought about leaving the ashram many times when I got really sick after three days and wondered what I was doing here and why?? Now I'm beginning to understand that what we label as sickness or illness is a process and invitation to connect and heal ourselves through the loving universal Soul Energy (God) I'm humbled and grateful for every moment I'm experiencing here.

You don't have to wait until you get sick to start clearing your emotional, mental and physical blocks. You can start changing your bad habits, negative thoughts and past mental conditioning today. You can start loving yourself today. You can wake up your Soul today and experience freedom, perhaps for the first time in your life. You can transform your life.   Om Swastyastu Ratu Bagus!    - Dieter Pauwels

Miracles happen!  - June 2013
Our mom is an oncology nurse. An oncology nurse whose daughter was diagnosed with a cancer that is the most easily treated with chemotherapy. Though Sara knew that wasn't the right way for her. So she refused standard treatment and our mom saw it as a death sentence. As we said goodbye to our mom before boarding the plane to come to the ashram we could both feel the bitter taste that was left in her mouth at the thought of us leaving. As time went by we kept sending emails to our mom trying to get her to shake, though she was very resistant. We both wanted so much for her to come as we saw it as a huge part in Sara's healing, but that only felt like a dream.

Until one day we got an email from her saying she received a free round trip ticket to Asia from her credit card company. How often does that happen? She still tried to make some excuses about why she couldn't come until finally the light won. Sooner than we knew it she was on a plane to Bali. The moment we saw her, it was clear how the worry and pain had set in behind her eyes leaving a vacancy in her stare. It seemed really hard for her to stay present. After a week in the ashram she left without tears in her eyes, only a feeling of great hope and belief in what her daughter was doing. Such a belief in fact, it made her question her job as an oncology nurse.   
She still shakes, twice a day, and feels better than she has in years. It was as if we saw her come back to life in a week. We all feel so grateful to Ratu for the many blessings we have received from this practice. This being one of them.
OSRB Samantha & Sara