• Casa Bagus is an inclusive community dedicated to the joyful and conscious personal development of each individual through spiritual practice, educational programs, workshops and personalized holistic wellness services.
  • Our vision is to provide an inspiring and sacred environment for the nourishment of body, mind and soul. We will work to create diverse classes and programs of the highest quality for all those seeking to advance their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development within a conscious community.
  • We are dedicated to support you in leading a healthy, vibrant, responsible and inspired lifestyle through spiritual awakening, emotional growth, intellectual refinement, and physical unfolding.
  • We honor and nurture the dignity and uniqueness of all people.
  • Our teachers bring their insight, dedication, years of practice and training, as well as openness, creativity and caring energy to their classes and workshops while building a community filled with learning, respect, love, kindness, integrity, creativity, laughter and fun.
  • We open our hearts and minds to a variety of holistic energy practices and teachings helping us to connect to our Universal Soul and Divine Love.

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Today's Classes

Synchronizing breath with movement, Vinyasa Flow classes use sun salutes and creative sequences to generate heat for classes that balance strength with flexibility, movement with stillness, and effort with ease. All classes include opening breath awareness, sun salutations, standing poses, floor poses and inversions. Modifications are given for multiple levels, and students are taught to pay attention to safe alignment while flowing though the postures. If you are new to yoga, or have injuries o...
Casa Bagus, 6318 Clayton Rd, St. Louis MO 63117 (map)
This is a great class for anyone who is interested in starting their yoga practice or someone trying to develop a stronger practice by revisiting foundations.The class will move at a slow pace designed to help you learn to do postures correctly to avoid injury both in and out of yoga. Teacher:  Veronica Buddeke
Complement your training and reward yourself for all that you do to compete and stay healthy and fit. Each practice will include a vigorous warm-up series followed by aslower, deliberate easing into the musculature and joints so commonly abused andoverused by today’s athlete. Click here for for info and payment info